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sharona light

sharona light

We Wanted to share an unforgettable encounter with the turtles and butterflies lamps at Naples,Italy.

At the lovely Guest apartment which we stayed in, we were very surprised to meet those cute turtles and butterflies lamps awaiting and glancing at us from every corner,

Their colorful and warm light, Gave us a wonderful feeling of intimacy and serenity.

So we went and looked for the lamps every where in the markets and shops, until finally we found and chose for you the highest quality products and started importing them to Israel.

The lamps are made of cast metal in bronze finish and handmade stained glass dome.

The result is a unique design that gives each space (exterior or interior) an aesthetic and captivating look.

We recommend you to give them as a present to yourself or to your precious ones, adult’s, children and infants.